Join Texas Tea Stitchers Guild!

We meet the second Friday of the month at 10:00 am. Check out our Membership section on our website Dues are $50 per year, due on January 1. It’s great to pay at the December meeting. With your Membership, you’ll meet a great group of quilters, stitchers, and fiber artists. You’ll receive discounts on…

Retreat Packing List

These are just suggestions. Depending on your goals for retreat you may pack differently. This list can help you not forget the most important things and is a great place to start. Remember to label things that might get mixed up with others. Some masking tape with your name on it for rulers and other…

2019-01 The President’s Notes

Happy New Year, Stitchers!  Well, no matter if we are ready or not, 2019 is here.  Hard to imagine.  It’s going to be hard to remember to put that into our date for the next few weeks, but we’ll figure it out before long.  Have you come up with your new year’s resolutions?  I’m always terrible…

Standing Rules

Standing Rules explained for purposes of developing this document: Standing Rules are the details of monthly guild work that may be changed from administration to administration or from meeting to meeting. Standing rules make the frequent/common actions simpler and provide for fairness and continuity of board decisions. They are the details of daily guild work….

April Update! Facemasks Helping Our Community

I’ve talked to several experts on infection control and I have to share what they told me. This post will explain it all. The short story is that based upon the information I have learned. I can not in good faith lead the effort to make home made facemasks.