Inaugural Newsletter

Date: 07/13/18 Location Map showing Luling, Texas and surrounding area.

New area quilt guild meets in Luling, Texas at the Texas Art League Art Gallery

Time: 10:05am

Meeting called to order by Denise Green

Meeting Minutes:

Our first meeting was held at The Texas Art League, 509E Davis St, Luling Tx. We were delighted to have 41 ladies and 1 gentleman attend our first meeting to establish a quilting guild in our town of Luling and surrounding areas. The New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild ladies delivered a congratulations certificate and very graciously offered any assistance we may need. The “Proclamation” was read and announced.

Thank you, New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild, for your wonderful support and thoughtfulness.

We had 5 ideas for the name of our guild. The majority vote won which was “Texas Tea Stitchin’’ this was motioned by Vanese Blackmar and seconded by Kelly Herms.

● The Thump Guild 2 votes

● Plum Creek Quilters 3 votes

● Sew A Seed Stitchers 13 votes

● Texas Tea Stitching 19 votes

● County Line Stitchers 4 votes

by Linda Grueter. All present voted in favor of the proposal.

Calendar of Events

Quilt Guild meeting will be held on the 2n d Friday of the month. Next meeting will be Friday, August 10t h @10am at The Texas Art League. We will further discuss common bylaws etc.

Our vision for the Texas Tea Stitchin’ is to encourage creativity among our Texas Teas’ and the community.

We plan on having speakers and demonstrations and establishing a facility for our youth to learn the arts of sewing, quilting and fabric construction using several mediums.

Geneva Alvarez accepted the request to work on her secretarial skills and will apply her talents to the newsletter. Olivia Garcia graciously volunteered to be our photographer and capture all the wonderful moments we will have and work on a future photo directory for the Texas Teas’. Marilyn Compton very kindly offered to work on a “Logo” for our guild. Her artistic flair will be very much appreciated.

Refreshments were provided by Delynn Thomas and Lilly Yatczak. It was discussed that refreshments would be provided by whomever has a birthday the month the meeting is held. Thanks to all you ladies who stepped forward to assist in getting our “Texas Tea Stitchin’” up and running, you are all very much appreciated.

Also, there was a discussion on having open sew days after the meeting and having a “once every quarter” get together to sew on a Friday and Saturday. We have such wonderful talent and experience in our group and a plethora of knowledge that we can all benefit from by sharing with each other.

Community projects will be discussed at the next meeting. Mark your calendars! Denise Green proposed a visit to Susan Garmin’s Quilt Exhibition on Sunday Aug 19th, the cost and times will be discussed at the next meeting.

Marilyn Compton also shared an event coming up in our area. Bonnie Hunter is going to have a workshop Feb 21st and 22nd 2019 which will be held in San Antonio and all are welcome to sign up for this.

If you are interested, please email the following address. and for further information

We will be brainstorming ideas on community service projects in our area. If you have door prizes you would like to donate those would be most welcome and remember to share a piece of your work at our “s how and tell.”

We had our first Texas Teas’ share their recent work. Louann Fisher’s showed her 2 Fabric Borgello Quilt, Denise Green an Astros Mini Star Quilt, Geneva Alvarez displayed her Walk About Purse and Tresha Barger showed he Butterfly Notebook Cover. Such beautiful work and inspiration ladies!

We hope you can all join us and bring your ideas, thoughts and proposals with you!

😀 Keep in touch on Facebook. See you on the 10th August and have a wonderful month. Motion to adjourn at 12:10pm and was passed unanimously.