Newsletter 2 , September 2018

President’s Notes:

I don’t need to get organized. I just need a bigger sewing room!

How many of you can relate to that sentiment? I’m going to venture to say most likely many of you. It’s the way I’ve been feeling lately since I brought home a big load of items from my sister’s home after visiting with her son recently. And now I’m in touch with his sister and she’s showing me photos of more things that I will be adding to my storage when I can get them! But how do I say no?

I think that’s our general problem….how to say no. To that new fabric that was just put on the shelf, to that new quilt pattern that’s all the rage lately, to that great new ruler you saw online. All those wonderful sewing and quilting items that just beckon to us. Even when we’ve just left our sewing room where we were struggling to find even a bit of space for the last thing we gave in and bought! Ahhh…such is the life of a dedicated quilter.

I hope that when you come to our guild meetings you can feel that you are among others who will commiserate with you. You also find that we will all do our best to uplift you and help us all to feel the joy and delight that quilting brings. I don’t believe there’s anything quite as satisfying as that feeling of accomplishment when a quilt is finished and someone comments on how great a job you’ve done. I look forward to being able to tell each and every one of you, “You did a fabulous job on your quilt. It’s just beautiful!”

See you all soon,

Louann Fisher

New Name

Hey, did you notice? Our name changed…well…slightly. We were finding that there were a few difficulties with the way we had the spelling for Stitchin’ when we were entering the name into some places. So, at our last meeting we voted and changed the word to

Stitchers. We are now officially the Texas Tea Stitchers Guild. Hope everyone likes the new name.

August 2018 General Meeting Minutes

Our President Louann Fisher thanked everyone who attended our 2nd meeting and welcomed 14 new guests to the meeting.

No additions were noted for the previous minutes but one correction was noted. The attendance was 39 paid founding members and 4 charter members. A motion to accept the change was proposed by Kelly Herms and seconded by Irene Ellen and was passed with a majority vote.

Treasurer’s Report

Judy Lightsey reported an account balance of $2150.00.

Unfinished Business

An issue was brought to the attention of the board members as to the name “Texas Tea Stitchin’” for the guild. There was a slight complication of being able to correctly “punctuate” our name in social media formats such as Facebook. There was a discussion among all members in attendance as to a proposed change in the name. It was decided that “Texas Tea Stitchers Guild” would be our new name. The motion was proposed by Marilyn Compton and seconded by Karen Sparks. There were no oppositions and the motion carried. This will now bring our Treasurer a step closer to being able to open a bank account.

New Business

Louann discussed the importance of having a “Parliamentarian” position filled to ensure compliance with the bi-laws and that the proper procedures of our future meetings being conducted. Kelly Herms very graciously volunteered for this position. She was nominated by Karen Sparks and seconded by Maria Morales. The motion passed with no oppositions. Thank you very much Kelly. It was also discussed that new officers will be elected in July 2019 and each year thereafter.

There were some members who had not received a newsletter for July via their email so Louann had a list generated of those who had not received one and these would be forwarded to Geneva Alvarez. If anyone has the same problem first check your junk mail and then notify us through our Texas Tea Stitchers Guild email which is and we will remedy the problem.

Reports From Officers

Membership: Kathy Vaughn discussed membership status. Anyone who had attended the first meeting on July 13th and had paid their $50 dues ($25 application fee and $25 dues) were a “Founding” member. Anyone joining after the first meeting and all those who will join the TTSG up until 31st December 2018, are considered a “Charter” member. Kathy also presented door prizes to our lucky winners. Brenda Schmidt won a pattern, Lorretta Krejci won a beautiful panel, Linda Rodriguez and Megan Campion won a stack of quilting magazines. Be sure to attend our next meeting to have a chance at winning a fabulous door prize!

Programs: Denise Green apologized for being unable to attend the meeting as she was a speaker at a seminar in Colorado that day. She instructed Lilly Yatczak to demonstrate making a pillowcase “burrito” style, as part of the program for this month.

Reports from Committees

Olivia Garcia is our historian and she asked all new attendees to have their picture taken. She will also be taking pictures at any guild events we have.

Geneva Alvarez is our newsletter dispatcher.

We need the following committees to be established to comply with the bi- laws requirements.

Web Site

Currently this is being managed by Denise Green and she will assist anyone in accepting this position, your help would be greatly appreciated.


A person is needed to co-ordinate with the birthday ladies as to whom will be bringing refreshments for that month.


To greet members and to present door prizes etc. and also help with ‘show and tell.’

Special Programs – This would entail sending out cards etc.


To work with publicity in the local paper etc. (All of us members can also do an excellent job at inviting friends to attend our meetings and encourage them to get involved with the TTSG.

Show & Tell

Judy Lightsey showed us a very well made and practical bag to carry all her rulers.

Marilyn Compton shared a gorgeous “Police” themed quilt she had made for a family member who is in law enforcement.

Brenda Schmidt displayed a very cute “Mini Tux” purse in super fresh colors. Kathy Vaughan presented a stunning blue/turquoise quilt top of a “Christmas


Lilly Yatczak showed a king size bedroom quilt made from the “Rave” pattern.

Louann Fisher shared her awesome dragon quilt she made for her grandson and also a stunning “doily” quilt in remembrance of her sister.

We had some beautiful work displayed at our show and tell!

Remember to bring your latest work to our next meeting. We are here to encourage and learn from each other.


We made the front page of the Luling Newspaper as they announced the founding of our “Texas Tea Stitchers Guild.”

A reminder for our upcoming first field trip for TTSG. We will be going to the La Grange Quilt Museum located at 140 West Colorado St. La Grange TX 78945. We will have the honor of seeing Susan Garman’s quilts who tragically was taken from us too soon. This is a beautiful testimony to how talented and gifted she was in the art of quilting. We will meet at HollyDee Quilts at noon if you wish to ride share or we will meet at the Museum in LaGrange at 1pm. We hope to see you there.

Megan Campion informed us of a wonderful bus trip to the “2018 Capital of Texas Quiltfest” in Austin at the Palmer Event Center on Friday September 28th. There are a limited number of bus seats available. The cost of the bus is $25 and an entrance fee of $8. Plans are to leave at 8am and return 5pm from the Methodist Church in Shiner. For more information please call Raenell Janik (361) 772-4331. The reservation deadline is 20th August 2018.

It has been proposed that TTSG will participate in the “Blue Santa” program this year for Luling. We are considering making pillowcases for the children who range from age 2yrs to 14yrs. There are an estimated 350 children who receive gifts from this program. Further discussions will ensue at the next meeting.

The program for this meeting was making a pillowcase and this was demonstrated by Lilly Yatczak.

Our next meeting will be Friday 14th September at 10am in The Texas Art League.

Motion to adjourn at 11:36 am was made by Brenda Hallmark and seconded by Irene Allen and was passed unanimously.

Texas Tea Thanks – a big thank you to Kelly Herms, our new Parliamentarian. We presented a need for that position at the last meeting and Kelly jumped right in and volunteered to take it on. We are thrilled to have her join us as a guild officer and appreciate her keeping us on our toes during our meetings! Thanks Kelly!!

Some notes from your officers:

Membership: Kathy Vaughn

What a great turnout we had for our second meeting. We didn’t even have enough chairs for all the great people that attended. LOL!!! We had 24 Members and 14 Guests in attendance. Of those Guests, 9 joined the Guild. Therefore, as of the 10th, we have 52 members.

Not bad for 2 meetings!!!

We reviewed the definitions of Founding vs Charter vs Member. We will continue to update our Membership Roster. Please let me know if any corrections are needed.

September Birthdays were announced.

Programs: Denise Green

Thanks to Lilly Y. for demonstrating the tube method for making a pillowcase at the August meeting. I hope you all went home and used your new knowledge to make a pillowcase for Luling PD Blue Santa. We are going to need to make a lot of pillowcases to make our goal to be able to gift for 2018.

In August, we also had our first field trip, 9 of us from the local area met up with 2 from the Corpus area and viewed the works of Sue Garman. I was able to tell a few stories about some of the quilts as I had watched Sue make many of these. There were even a couple of quilts in the exhibit that I had quilted!

September: I will demonstrate how I like to “measure” for borders and my cheats for miter borders. I think you will all find this very valuable knowledge.

October: We will be getting ready for the “Quilt Show” which will hopefully have treasures that you own or borrow, as well as community members’ quilts. These quilts be displayed at 4-6 of the area churches within a 4-block area. The quilts will be draped over the pews and the churches will each have information about their church and how they serve our community. I will have more information for you at our guild meeting.

November: I hope to have a very special young lady come talk to our group about her community efforts. She is AMAZING!

December: I am thinking we will have a Christmas Texas Tea Party and auction. Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for your participation in our guild and I would love to hear your ideas for future programs and workshops. Maybe you will be willing to share a tip or trick with our group!

Committee News:

Sunshine: If anyone knows of any member who might have a reason/need to receive a card from the guild…illness, happy occasion, or just needs a boost….please get in touch with

Karen Sparks, 321-228-2700.

Hospitality: All members please note: A note from De’Lynn Thomas:

Judy Lane and I signed up to be involved in the door prizes each month at our Guild. If possible, we would so appreciate each of our Guild Members donating 2 items out of your Quilting Stash to our Door Prize Collection. And if you can, please bring your “Amazing we are so jealous we didn’t win that today door prize” 2 items to our next Sept.14th Guild Meeting. We know each of you will have some fantastic donations. Judy and I thank you for your participation in this and look forward to seeing what items we can put together for our Door Prizes.


All members please note:

Please remember if your birthday is in September, it will be your turn to bring refreshments for the meeting this month. We only have 3 birthday ladies this month, so we really need a few more to jump in and help out this month. Maybe if you were a July baby, you could join in since your turn will be a year out. Please contact Dee Bennett, 830- 857-1508, to let her know you will be bringing something.


Our newsletter will be posted on our Facebook page and emailed out to our member, as well. If you do not get yours by email, be sure to check your spam/junk mailboxes. If you still don’t find it, check with Geneva Alvarez to make sure she has your email correct. Send an email to the guild address to let her know:

Committee List

Here are the committees we currently have set up for our Guild along with a description and a list of those who signed up to help on each. If you haven’t signed up and want to help on one, please let us know.

Community Service: Coordinates outreach projects to the community which will be more specifically determined as our year progresses.

Chair: Diane Smith

Members: Loretta Krejci, Judy Lane, Kelly Herms, Ann Scott

Historian: Keep an historical record of guild meetings and events by taking photos, keeping a digital flash drive, etc. of photos to be kept for each year. Making sure to have the photos available if requested.

Chair: Olivia Garcia Members: (none at this time)

Hospitality/Welcoming: Greets members and guests attending general membership meetings, provides sign-in sheets and door prizes, and assists with Show & Tell.

Chair: DeLynn Thomas

Members: Judy Lane, Maria E. Morales, Dee Bennett, Ann Scott,

Virginia Uudeutsch

Newsletter: Prepare newsletter for the following month. Make copies and mail out hard copies, if needed. Upload to website for e- recipients (once a website is set up.) Make sure newsletter gets put onto Guild Face Book page. Email newsletter to members.

Chair: Geneva Alvarez Members: Judy Gentry

Publicity: Releases information to local papers, as needed, as well as spreading word about our new guild.


Members: Kelly Herms, Guild membership, currently and ongoing

Refreshments: Coordinates the sign-up or assignment of those whose birthdates will be the following month to bring snacks and/or drinks to the meeting for the social break during the meeting. (Preparation should be made to have refreshments ready at the beginning of the meeting.)[Suggestion: Each person could be in charge of a month and rotate the responsibility of being in charge.]


Members: Marilyn Compton, Marie Moreau, Dee Bennett

Special Programs: Selects a special activity/project for each month for Guild members to make, if desired. Collects the project at each meeting and awards them as determined for each activity.

Chair: Anyone want to take this committee on? Talk to Denise or Louann.

Sunshine: Sends correspondence to Guild members to convey well wishes and/or sympathy and reports such at meetings.

Chair: Karen Sparks

Members: Kelly Herms, Dee Bennett, Ann Scott

Website/Social Media: Help to set up and maintain the guild website and/or social media site such that Guild information can be made readily available to Guild membership. Social media could include Face Book, Instagram, etc.

Chair: Maria E. Morales Members: Denise Green

One last note: We will be getting the membership roster out to everyone soon. Please let us know if you prefer to keep any of your contact information private.