Pillow Case Notes

Body of the Case 3/4 yard for Standard or 7/8 yard for King 2-1/2” strip for accent color

1/4 yard (9”) for the cuff

Press the 2-1/2” strip in half wrong sides together along the 40” length

Line-up the raw edges of the 2-1/2” pressed strip and the body of the case (which should face right side up). Using a small amount of glue or pins attach the 2-1/2” strip to main body.

Open the 2-1/2” strip and SEW in the fold line you created when pressing. Press the strip closed putting raw edges together again after sewing.

Place the 9” cuff lengthwise RIGHT-SIDE-UP

Place the body of the case WRONG-SIDE-UP and line up with the raw edge of the cuff, use enough pins to just hold the edges together

NOW fan-fold or roll the body of your pillow-case inside the cuff, pull the other edge of the cuff over the body of the pillow-case and pin very well to prevent shifting of the layers. Stitch the layers together, this will form your “burrito”.

Pull the body through the cuff and press BOTH sides of the cuff, start on the wrong side and finish on the top side.

With WRONG SIDES together trim the selvedges off the side of the pillow case – carefully pin at the cuff and accent to insure each fabric lines up – THEN sew down the side and across the bottom at just less than 1/4” seam allowance. Trim corners on bottom of case before turning. NOTE: I like to sew the side completely, remove from the machine, then sew the bottom completely.

Press again, now turn the pillow case so you have RIGHT-SIDES together. Using a seam allowance a little MORE than 1/4” seam sew the side and bottom again. NOTE: this seam needs to cover the original seam to have a nice finish! This creates your french seam.

Enjoy! 🙂