2019 Tea Party Challenge


Join the 2019 Tea Party Challenge to get a handle on that ever-growing pile of UFO’s, one month at a time!

See the attached pdf file from our Special Projects Chair, Marilyn Compton for the details of this great challenge to attack that pile of UFO’s over the course of this year. Your reward for completing projects: new fat quarters! Note that your list doesn’t have to include just tangible UFO’s; you might also include a class you’ve been meaning to take, or technique you want to learn. Submit your list and FQ to Marilyn at the 8 Feb meeting.

Click here for: 2019 tea party challenge

PS – Isn’t that pic fun?  Here’s a link to website to purchase a T-shirt:  http://www.wildhairstudios.com.  There are many quilty designs on this site.