Badges for Quilt Shows and Meetings

A Texas Tea Stitchers badge made from left over scrapes. Kelly used the parts of five quilts in this badge. Instead of binding, yarn was zigzag stitched around the edges to cover the raw fabric and protect it from shredding.

February’s meeting introduced some samples of quilt badges. Wearing a badge in such a large guild really helps us get to know and learn each other’s names more quickly. Plus it’s fun to wear when you go to an event. People you’ve met but don’t remember your name, don’t have to be embarrassed. Your name is there for them. It really does open a world of fun at quilt events. We even have printed patches of our Guild logo you can incorporate into your badge. (or hint.. use them on a quilt label).
Here are a few links that can help you get started with ideas for making your own.

These samples have pockets for money, tickets, ids, etc.

A badge ready for appliqué of the guild logo below the name.