2019 Guild Challenge – Pantone Card Trick Block

Create a 12 inch finished Card Trick block (unfinished and squared will be 12-1/2″ square) using the 2019 Pantone Cokor of the year Living Coral.

Denise Green and a few cohorts in quilting did some test-piecing one Wednesday evening, working through the Card Trick block for our Pantone Challenge. As a result, here are their tips and tricks:

Example of Card Trick Block
  • Oversize your blocks and then trim
  • Cut all squares 5‐1/2″
  • Still cut in half or quarters as directed
  • Layout your pieces to be sure everything is oriented properly. Sew each of the units and square up to 4‐1/2″
  • The absolutely BEST tool for squaring up these units is the Tucker Trimmer. We are out at the shop and they are on order, but you should be able to find at B&B as they have been teaching Tucker University classes.
  • Pressing ‐ Press your corner A units towards the background, press your B units towards the coral. When you add the B unit to an A unit, press towards the coral unit. Press the center square clockwise as you look at it from the front.

Blocks are due the June 2019 Meeting