2019 March – Officers Reports

VP of Membership

Kathy Vaughn

  1. A HUGE shout out to Meagan Campion for getting the directory printed. Megan and Olivia have worked since day one, trying to get this project done. We have one very large goal on the done pile.
  2. We have finalized the collection of dues from January, 2019. We now have a total of 54 members.
  3. Please welcome Betsy Chamberlain and Jeanne Horn. Both joined in February.
  4. Membership cards were distributed. They can also be used as name badges until we design a more artistic kind of badge. You are welcome to keep them or leave badges at sign in desk after each meeting.
  5. Thanks to all that signed up for committees. The lists did not change from the original sheets in August. I am sending a memo to all committee chair regarding membership. They will be reaching out to each of you. Let’s get these committees defined and active.
  6. Thanks to Kelly for defining Bees. As a point of interest, I have made a list of where everyone is from. Maybe that will help people decide what kind of Bee to form since we are not all from Luling. We have: Bellvue-1, Buda-1, Canyon Lake-1, Flatonia-1, Geronimo-1, Gonzales-2, Halletsville-2, Kingsbury-2, LaVernia-2, Lockhart-1, Luling-16, New Braunfels-5, Paige-1, Prairie Lea-1, Red Rock-1, San Antonio-1, San Marcos-4, Schertz-1, Seguin-7, Shiner-2, Waelder-1.
  7. Judy Lightsey will be covering for me at the March meeting. See you all in April.

VP of Programs:

Denise Green

Thanks so much to Vanese for hosting our program in March. I heard from so many of you that it was fabulous! Vanese has such an attention to detail! It was great to hear how she inspired you to do more with your machines!

March I am going to present “tool time”! Do you have a tool that you purchased and now you don’t remember how to use it? Send me a note and I will figure it out and we will share it with the group! Do you have a special tool that you want shared with the group? I can set that up too! If I don’t hear from you – I will choose a tool and present how it works and why it may be necessary to add to your inventory of resources!

March Birthdays

Irene Allen – March 18th

Judy Gentry – March 14th

Maria Morales – March 19th

Happy Birthday Y’all!

April is all about the serger!

Vanese will show us some cool stuff we can do with our sergers. Then you will have the opportunity to use a serger to make 4 rolled hem napkins for your home. Vanese will let us know the fabric requirements.



From the”What Was I Thinking” Corner (WWIT)

I just taught a collage retreat and it was so much fun! If you are interested in participating in a “Collage Round Robin” let me know. We are going to start with a panel that you choose and then your friends will add “collage” pieces to your background etc to create a fun art quilt. This is a NO SEW project! If we have a lot of folks that want to participate we will have multiple groups!

Denise +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++