2019 March – THE PRESIDENT’S NOTES: Happy St. Patrick’s Day Month!!

Can you believe it’s already March? Where does the time go? If you are like me, it just seems like you can’t get everything done that needs to be done. But maybe we should just take a little time to breathe every so often, too. Don’t overdo it. Decide to enjoy and not stress. It will all be fine.

Ok, now that I’ve said that, have you tried making a Card Trick block for the Pantone color challenge? I haven’t yet, but I saw some great hints on Facebook from Denise Green for ways to make it easier to sew up. So, if you aren’t sure about it or need a little help, look up her post and I bet you find it helpful. Remember to purchase your first strip of coral fabric at HollyDee Quilts so that we have that one consistent “card” in all the blocks. They have the fabric set aside for us. After that, check out your stash and see if you have something to add. After all, this coral color didn’t just suddenly appear!

I heard great things about the workshop last month presented by Vanese Blackmar. They made some really cute mug rugs and learned a lot about machine embroidery. Thanks so much for a great presentation, Mrs. B!

I will miss seeing everyone at the meeting this month. A few of us also belong to the New Braunfels guild and our big retreat is that week. We will be up near Salado at Summer’s Mill sewing, sewing, sewing. We will bring goodies to show you at the next meeting. Denise will be holding the meeting in my absence.

So, with that, I will say, happy sewing. Enjoy your time. Don’t overdo it!

See in April,

Louann Fisher