Standing Rules

Standing Rules explained for purposes of developing this document:

Standing Rules are the details of monthly guild work that may be changed from administration to administration or from meeting to meeting. Standing rules make the frequent/common actions simpler and provide for fairness and continuity of board decisions. They are the details of daily guild work.

Standing Rules might also list:

  • Who has the responsibility for what tasks.
  • All financial policies not mentioned in the Bylaws.
  • Standing Rules should list the specific responsibilities of each committee and the various chairmen and board members that are not explicitly defined in the Bylaws.
  • If there is to be an installation of officers, who is responsible for selecting the installing officers and when the installation should take place.
  • Assets of the organization; examples: books, patterns, stand, projector, popcorn machine, computer equipment; cell phone; office supplies.
  • If the organization has supplies and/or equipment, the Standing Rules should state who is responsible for them and where they would be kept, or a separate document kept for that purpose can be made for the inventory.

In short, Bylaws are hard and fast rules that may be amended only with specific procedures and at specific times as defined within the Bylaws. Standing Rules define how we get things done within the “laws”.

Here are our Standing Rules for Texas Tea Stitchers Guild.