Guild bees are small groups of members who meet on a regular bases. Our guild has several bees who meet one or more times a month. These meetings are a combination of quilting and social activities. This is where the real fun of guild happens.

Bees are informally organized by the members who form the bee. Usually a bee has a Queen Bee to does the organizing, or provides the place to meet. If you want to form a bee, just do it! Let the Bee Keeper know about your bee so she can spread the word through the guild. If you want to find out about bees in the guild, just ask the Bee Keeper.

Bee Keeper

The Bee Keepers job is to be a contact person to find out about bees and to encourage the formation of bees in the guild. For 2019, the Texas Tea Stitchers Bee Keeper is Kelly Allen, you can contact her through the guild facebook group and she is listed in the directory. She prefers a phone call or facebook contact as she is, quote “terrible at checking her email”.

Current Bees

as of April 2019:

Charity Bee

Charity Bee meets as necessary to accomplish charity projects of the guild. A call out will happen at a regularly scheduled guild meeting and a time setup. EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to come. Charity sewing is a fun social event and great way to get to know people. Not everyone will need to sew, there are all kinds of things to do. Meet up times are variable and dependent upon who plans to come when the meet up is organized at a general meeting. Charity sewing will be posted on Facebook too. Usually meets at the Church of the Annunciation in Luling, Texas. May meet at alternate locations if necessary.

Design and Color Bee

Design and Color Bee is an experimental bee,  the start date is to be announced. The plan is to study color and design using several books published for quilters and doing the exercises at the end of each section of the first few chapters. You should join at the start as each exercise will build upon previous exercises. If all goes well, the bee may continue. Meets at the Allen Textile and Fiber Studio in Luling, Texas.

Handwork Bee

This is a working Bee to get together and do hand stitching on whatever project you want to work on. Working on a needlepoint project, hexies or hand binding a quilt? It’s motivating to get things done together and a lot of fun. Bees are a great way to meet your fellow guild members in a less formal atmosphere. We meet every first Tuesday of the month from 10-2 at the San Marcos Hobby Lobby. We are booked there through the end of 2019. For any questions, please contact Kathy Vaughn at  Please join us!

Proposed Bees Needing Queen Bees

Longarmer’s Bee – own a longarm, want to learn,  share advice, tips and tricks. Being a longarmer can be lonely, after all you can’t just pick up your machine and go… this bee is a great resource for those to have or are interesting in getting involved in longarm quilting.

Tangled Threads – Weavers, knitters, spinners, etc.

Featherweight Bee – Singer 221 and 222 owners and users discussion, maintenance, sewing, etc. Suggested by Mandy.